Wednesday, March 27, 2019


Do you have a blog that you want to go viral?

As a blogger, having a blog with contents that go viral is the best part of blogging. As it has been said, that information is power, to a blogger content is king.

Whatever your business is, you need contents to be written for them. A good content defines a product or service, and makes a business succeed. Imagine having people reading your article and sharing them with friends.

Going viral simply means lots of people engaging with your content through the enhanced world of social media. Except you are from another planet, you would at least be familiar with the various options of social media:

·         Facebook
·         Pinterset
·         Twitter
·         Instagram
·         Youtube
·         Linkedin and lots more.

Most of these options will not really drive the targeted traffic that will make you go viral. Not that they are all a waste of time, but a few will give you want you want. I personally recommend Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

Before settling for any social media option, it is advised that you spend time to research which is best and will drive targeted traffic to your blog.

Facebook is by far the most effective social media platform for any business. It is so large that, and has everything a business needs to succeed. In fact, Facebook is the largest, and most powerful social media platform in the world.

The key to succeeding on Facebook is consistency. Be consistent in posting quality and engaging post. You must carefully schedule your post so it will come regularly, posting randomly 3 to 4 times a day may not be very helpful as such. 

The quality of your post will make the difference, it’s not how lengthy your post is that will make your readers remain on your blog and may want to share it. Quality makes the difference. Posting quality contents regularly is sure to make your blog go viral.

Another way of doing it is by sharing your content in different post, you may want to share a link to your content in a normal text post, and a link to a photo post. Sharing links in different type of post will go a long way to give your content the desired engagement.


If you really want your post to go viral, you must consider Facebook paid promotions. When done properly, Facebook advertising can be very effective, before embarking on any promotions, you should decide what you want to accomplish with your presence on Facebook. 

Do you want engagement with your fans, or is it likes you want? Do you want to get people to your blog, or is it a product you want to sale?

If you are looking to sale a product, or get more likes on Facebook, or better still build your email list. Targeted Facebook advertising is the best option. Facebook has everything you need to go viral and to succeed.

Remember that you have to set up your targeted Facebook advertising properly to reach gender, age, interest, location, and your daily budget in order to meet the targeted audience.

Facebook has a power algorithm that presents you ads to audience who are likely to take action. Facebook has about 1.62 billion users worldwide, making it a gold mine for every business.

Other social media platforms like Pinterest can also help you achieve your set goal, but Facebook is by far the best of them all.

Viral growth through social media platform like Facebook cannot be over emphasized.

When you build yourself a unique strategy, remain consistent, and that will do the trick.

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