Monday, April 1, 2019


Are you looking to make extra cash to supplement your income?

Or perhaps, you want to switch jobs and you need something that can afford you time for other activities?

Then this post is for you. And you are at the right place, and at the right time.
Affiliate marketing is the what you need.

So who is an affiliate?

An affiliate is a person who is affiliated with another or with an organization.

Simply put, as an affiliate marketer you pose as an agent for businesses, marketing their products for commission. So how cool is that?

But I am not good with selling. Not to worry, you don’t have to do that. We will talk more on things you need for that, but first things first.

To ensure your success in the field of affiliate marketing, here are some tips to follow:

·         Pict a niche: the first and important thing you need to do as an affiliate marketer is choosing the best product to market. There are lots of companies out there with products for you, choosing a good one that pays high commission is up to you. This will also help you build a website or blog for the products you are going to market.

·         Create a website or blog: picking the product is important, but you need a platform to market the product on. This is where the use of a website or blog comes in, you need to build a beautiful site that is easier to navigate. Once your site visitors get to your site they should be able to find their way around your site, the content on your site should be clear enough to move your site visitors do what you want them to do. You can check how to write the perfect content that convert.  Remember to offer something of quality that will not cost your visitors much or even nothing to get them motivated into taking actions towards your products.

·         Get targeted traffic to your site: your beautiful site with your great content will not mean much to you, unless you are able to drive targeted traffic to your site. So how do you drive these traffic to your site:

-      Social media: one proven way of driving targeted traffic to your site is through the use of social media like Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, and so on. Facebook alone is enough to drive the required traffic for you, with active accounts of 0ver 1.6 billion user, any affiliate marketer will make Facebook a viable tool for driving targeted traffic for sales.

-      Content creation: this like we say, is an important marketing strategy for every affiliate marketer. When visitors make it to your site the only thing that will keep them and get them do what you want them to is your content, be it written, video or audio. So you need to learn how to write content that will convert your visitors to prospects. 
-      Offer freebies: One of the ways you can get visitors to always come back to your blog or send other friends to your blog is by offering freebies. You can offer a detailed free report, an ebook, or a resource material to your visitors. And who in his right senses will refuse something useful and free.
This is by far the cheapest and easiest way of driving traffic to your blog.  The word FREE is a powerful word that will compel your visitors to sign up for whatever you want them to. You can put together a list of books you have read, podcast you listen to, or tutorial videos you have made on topics related to your niche and offer them for free on your blog.
Now that you have this information, make out time to build a career for yourself in affiliate marketing. Feel free to share the post with your friends.


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