Saturday, April 13, 2019


Building a blog is an important step in your journey as an affiliate on the internet. Driving targeted traffic is also very important if you must succeed as an affiliate in the online marketing world.
Why is targeted traffic very important?
Driving targeted traffic to your site means good conversion and more sales. And nothing matters to an affiliate than more traffic and good conversion.
There are several means through which you can drive traffic to your blog. In this post, we will look at four (4) ways through which you can drive traffic to your blog without spending much on traffic.
·         Content creation
·         Newsletters
·         Social media
·         Offering freebies
Content creation is a sure way to drive traffic to your blog. The two things that rarely change in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are content and keywords.
Writing informative and How – to contents especially ones that are well written are proven traffic baits to your blog, content that include links to similar or additional information on your blog. When writing content for your blog, make sure you do keywords search. You can use tools like google keyword search.
Believe it or not, people like information especially information that explains or show how to do a particular thing they are interested in. Taking time to write quality informative or how – to content with lots of keywords, will go a long way to increase traffic to your blog. You can check out how to create contents HERE
Anther proven way of driving targeted traffic to your blog is the use of social media. If you have social media accounts like Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram, etc. then you have a better way of driving traffic to your blog.
Facebook is more than enough source of traffic for any affiliate marketer. You can create a business page, or create a business account to market on Facebook. Before saying more, let’s look at some mind-blowing statistics on Facebook. There are more than 2 billion active users on Facebook every month, 1 billion on WhatsApp, 500 million on Instagram. Now this is Facebook we are talking about.
With this much traffic, Facebook is a goldmine. You can create and run targeted ads with Facebook advertising, it gives you the opportunity to choose location, age, and the people who are very much likely to visit your blog and buy, sign up, click, or download offers.
It’s time to take advantage of Facebook and driving more TRAFFIC to your blog.
One of the ways you can get visitors to always come back to your blog or send other friends to your blog is by offering freebies. You can offer a detailed free report, an ebook, or a resource material to your visitors. And who in his right senses will refuse something useful and free.
This is by far the cheapest and easiest way of driving traffic to your blog.  The word FREE is a powerful word that will compel your visitors to sign up for whatever you want them to. You can put together a list of books you have read, podcast you listen to, or tutorial videos you have made on topics related to your niche and offer them for free on your blog.
This method is a powerful way of driving traffic to your blog.  
Newsletters are a great way of informing people on products or services that you can’t always post on your blog. By definition, a newsletter is a report containing news of the activities of a business or an organization that is sent by mail regularly to all its members, customers, employees or people who are interested.
Offering a newsletter allows you to increase your list.
When writing a newsletter, think about who you are sending your newsletter to. What sort of information you would like to include? There is no need to go into great details, mention milestones achieve so far. Decide how often to publish your newsletter so your list know when to expect it.
You are now ready to create your newsletter. Try as much to keep your newsletter simple and informative, always publish your newsletter on the said date and if for some reasons you are not able to. Always apologize to your recipients when sending.
In conclusion, it is best to provide quality information and be someone your audience can trust and interact with freely.


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