Tuesday, April 9, 2019


The world of online business is by far the most important and interesting venture any business can take. Whether you are a small business, or a multi-billion-dollar co-operation.
Having a presence on the internet is very important and necessary.
In just a decade or more, the world became a very small place. The internet made it possible to reach billions of people around the globe in a very short time with products and services. It can be through organic traffic or paid traffic source.
Blogging became famous and affordable. With a domain name and hosting plan, anyone can learn and with time become a professional blogger.
As a blogger, knowing how to write the about me page copy, and creating lead magnet in exchange for email addresses to build your list is important if you desire to be on top of your game.
It is important to properly write the about me, because it tells people the following:
·         What your blog is about
·         When they should expect blog posts
·         Why they should subscribe to your blog or newsletter
·         Which post to read, or what they should do on your blog
·         Finally, tell them your story.
Note that your story comes last, your readers are interested in what they will gain by reading or subscribing to your blog before they even read your story.
Let’s look at an example of About Me copy.
Sample About Me copy
Welcome to my blog! I am Sam Ben, expert on e-commerce information and content creation services.
I blog to share what I have learned on e-commerce and content creation. My friends describe me as a teacher passionate in helping others. But I see myself as a committed, and generous e-preneur.
Follow me weekly at http://www.nameofyoursite.com for updates on e-commerce and content creation. To stay up to date, subscribe to my blog via email or RSS feed to get news that I can’t always share publicly.
And if you are new to my blog, I’d like you to check out my most popular posts:
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Due to the fast-growing nature of the internet and the revolution in commerce, I seek to provide proven and trusted information to business men and women on how to grow their businesses through different platform on the internet. And my content creation services are second to none.
As a trained teacher, I struggled to make a living in my field. But I wanted more, and desire to teach something outside the normal school curriculum.
My encounter with the internet changed my life, giving me meaning and a new way to teach and inform people all over the globe in a short time, and a unique way.
Think of the best way you can get people to give you their email address.
It can be through subscribing to your newsletter or a free e-course, a free ebook, a resource list, or the all - in - one toolkit. Think of it this way, a lead magnet helps you offer something important in exchange for email addresses. You can create a more personalized environment for your business.
It’s a more direct line of communication, and it helps you build a longer relationship with your subscribers.
·         The all-in-one toolkit: You can create a short ebook on content creation with practical steps from creation or initial stage to the final stage, and then exchange it for email addresses. It can be a free report or a How to guide.
·         The Template magnet: A template is a unique and easy way of increasing your list. You can design an email marketing template, an about me copy template, or a contact page template and offer it. Remember that your mission is to provide quality information for no cost, building your list is very important as you can convert your list with time. Go ahead and create those templates and offer it in exchange for email addresses.
·         A resource list: This is by far the quickest and easiest lead magnet you can create. Put together a list of books you read, videos, or podcast you listen to, and exchange it for email addresses.
In conclusion, you can do more research to discover more ways not mentioned here. But the most important thing is to consider offering lead magnets that are of quality and will meet the need of your subscribers.
You can become an expert with time, if you research more and practice writing about me, and different ways of creating lead magnet. It is possible to start up or provide a service that will do all of these for a small amount.          


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